Medical Risks

Numerous factors influence risk assessment relating to medical conditions in the Himalayas. With regard to medical risks, HHA is not a medical organisation and can not make authoritative comments about health. HHA has regular on-going assessment of our approach to medical matters. Nevertheless, consult your physician with respect to your concerns about travel in the Himalayas.

We require all our guests to have a signed medical form prior to skiing with us. Please discuss concerns about travel in the Himalaya with your doctor.

The following is an explanation of some of the medical concerns our guests have expressed and the ways in which HHA mitigates those concerns:

Gastro-Intestinal Complaints

At HHA we have taken special care to ensure that our clients do not have to worry about stomach problems. We have employed our own Chefs and Food and Beverage Manager, who oversee all our food preparation using the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Management Plan (HACCP). This is a system that was originally developed for NASA to ensure food safety for astronauts. (Imagine an upset stomach in zero gravity!) The system relies upon continuous temperature monitoring and rotation of stock. Our Food and Beverage Manager conducts extensive training courses and oversees a complete renovation of the kitchens before each season. For more information, see the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website. Mineral water is provided for our guests at all times.

In India you will be exposed to health risks if you move outside the HHA system. Food preparation in most restaurants is inadequate. We recommend that you do not eat food from restaurants outside the hotel. Do not eat food from stalls on the street or food served on the train.

Trauma Handling/Evacuation Procedure

In the event of an accident, the local hospital at Manali is a maximum of 20 minutes away. There are three doctors on call at the hospital. Should further medical care be needed we have a contract with the East West Medical Centre in New Delhi who specialise in medical evacuations. In New Delhi acute cases would be sent to the Apollo Hospital. Delhi is a three hour helicopter flight away. (see above Hospitals)

The most effective trauma management is to encourage guests not to ski outside their ability. In general we are able to do this.

Endemic Diseases

Other health matters such as contagious diseases are best managed preventively. In the hills of India the fresh air, cooler weather, and smaller population ensure that health conditions are better than in the rest of India.